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Problems with home computers becoming more popular - they are in 51 percent of all households compared to 62 percent in the last decade, according to Hamilton College - new forms of malicious spyware and viruses have been created. .

Some typical situations that we support:

  • My monitor is blank. I do not see anything on it.
  • My PC hangs whenever I open a large file.
  • My computer really slows down after getting online.
  • I am having trouble with the sound on my computer.
  • My screen goes blank after using my PC for a few minutes.
  • I can't hear any sound when I play a DVD on my computer.
  • My system is continually asking me to press F1 for help.
  • My system keeps starting in safe mode only.
  • All of my applications are taking forever to open.
  • It takes 5 minutes to get my regular desktop page.
  • How can I clear my temporary Internet files?
  • My color printer is printing in black and white.
  • How can I set up printing preferences for a document?
  • How do I add a new printer to my computer?
  • My print jobs appear in the print queue but do not print.
  • How do I upload and share pictures from my digital camera?
  • How do I print pictures from my digital camera?
  • How do I install an Hp, Brother, Dell, Epson, Lexmark, Cannon or Kodak printer?
  • How do I set up email using Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows email or Mac email?
  • How do I sync my with the contact list in my computer?

Why my computer is slow?

Many things can cause a slow running computer. Often times, a slow computer can be fixed and restored back to it's original speed. Repairing a PC can save a lot of money over the alternative of buying a new computer. Below are a few of the main causes of a slow computer that ComputerTooSlow.com can help repair.

  • Virus - The most common reason for a slow computer is a virus.
  • Spyware - The next most common reason for a slow computer is spyware or malware.
  • Cluttered Registry - A computer's registry can become cluttered over time and this clutter can bog down a computer.
  • Fragmentation - Fragmentation causes a hard drive to run slower and fragmentation will build up over time.
  • Unnecessary Services - Services are programs that are continuously running in the background of Windows and are doing different tasks that Windows needs done. There are a lot of these services and they can use a lot of resources.
  • Dirty Computer Case - The inside of a computer tower can get dusty over time. This dust will cause the cooling equipment to not work as efficiently as possible.
  • Low Memory - A lack of memory can cause major problems.
  • Low Hard Disk Space - A lack of disk space can cause a hard drive to run inefficiently. This is especially true when the computer is also lacking enough memory.